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Unicoi Web Product suite

Fusion Web Product Suite

Unicoi Systems' Web Product Suite is a fully-integrated set of embedded source code that comprises the broadest assortment of web software available today. Unicoi’s Web Product Suite includes the WebPilot Browser, Fusion HTTP Client & Server, Fusion XML SAX Parser, Fusion XML DOM Parser, Fusion XML-to-C Compiler, Fusion SOAP Client & Server, and Fusion WSDL Compiler.

Like all of Unicoi’s software, Fusion Web Products are highly optimised, very small footprint solutions that are specifically designed for embedded and real-time applications. Each component of Unicoi’s Web Product Suite is a scalable, highly portable protocol solution written in 100% ANSI C language, and is processor-, operating system- and compiler-independent.

The Web Suite is fully integrated with and easily ports to Unicoi’s Networking Product Suite, the centrepiece of which is the Fusion TCP/IP networking stack. With its 20-year history, Fusion TCP/IP is the most widely used networking stack in the world with thousands of design wins and hundreds of millions of Fusion network-enabled products shipping.


Unicoi’s Web Product Suite consists of the following source code products:

WebPilot Browser
Unicoi Systems’ WebPilot Browser is a fully functional embedded web browser, with a very small footprint, fast display rendering and minimal memory requirements. The WebPilot Browser offers an impressive array of features and functionality that deliver remarkable performance and a striking user experience. The WebPilot Browser includes support for cascading style sheets, English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean character sets, and a variety of image formats and usability features.

Fusion HTTP Client & Server
The Fusion HTTP Client & Server allow you to create user-friendly HTML pages with images and data to allow monitoring of an information appliance from any web browser anywhere in the world. The Fusion HTTP Server also allows users to control an Internet appliance through forms-based pages that interact with and change the state of the device.

Fusion XML SAX Parser
The Fusion XML SAX Parser is a small, fast intuitive embedded XML parser that decodes XML documents into C language structures that are easy for designers to integrate into their embedded applications. The Fusion XML SAX Parser allows an embedded device to exchange information with enterprise applications such as inventory, security and access control systems and personnel databases.

Fusion XML DOM Parser
The Fusion XML DOM Parser is a small, fast, intuitive XML parser that decodes XML documents into C language structures. The parser uses the Fusion Unicode library that supports UTF-8 and other common Unicode formats. The API utilizes the UniChar abstract as defined in the Unicode library, which is internationalised and portable.

Fusion XML-to-C Compiler
The Fusion XML-to-C Compiler provides data mapping between XML and C language data structures. XML documents are automatically de-serialized into C structures/functions and C structures/functions are automatically serialized into XML using the XML Compiler.

Fusion SOAP Client & Server
The Fusion SOAP Client & Server provide Remote Procedure Call (RPC) capability using XML encoding for greater platform independence and interoperability. Fusion SOAP provides a low level C language application program interface (API) for performing client and server SOAP 1.1 communications.

Fusion WSDL Compiler
The Fusion WSDL Compiler code generation tool translates an XML Schema Definitions (XSD) or Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) source file into computer language C source files.


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