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Development Boards

We have a wide range of Development Boards and kits to enable fast prototyping and micro evaluation.


We supply compilers from the following leading vendors to accompany your development tools.



On-Chip Debug Features
  • JTAG / SWD / BDM Debug Interface (Debug Levels 1.8 ...5V)
  • Maximum CPU Frequency supported
  • Non intrusive
  • Unlimited Software Breakpoints, On Chip Hardware Breakpoint
  • High and Low Level Debugging
  • High-Speed Flash Programming

Trace Features
  • 256Mb Trace Memory
  • 10ns Time Stamp
  • Endless Trace / Profiling / Coverage with `Upload while sampling
  • Code Coverage with Statement and Decision Analysis
  • Bandwidth 100 MHz
  • 8 trace data channels

iSYSTEM offers the iC5000, a powerful, yet affordable tool solution for embedded software debugging based on industry-standard JTAG or BDM based communication with the target application. Debug and trace is currently supported for Cortex-M3, ARM7, ARM9, XScale, Coldfire, S12(X) and S08 devices.
The development system supports real-time access, program trace and data trace. The iC5000 connects to the host PC via USB 2.0 or Ethernet interface. The iC5000 is driven by winIDEA, an easy-to-use integrated development environment and debugger. iC5000 incorporates major innovation in a new compact package. For devices which include on-chip trace functionality, iC5000 also accesses these functions and winIDEA displays and interprets the appropriate results. In addition to providing complete, high-performance development and debugging features, the iC5000 additionally provides high-speed flash programming.
The winIDEA software operates under all popular versions of Windows, including NT, 2000, XP and Vista. It integrates seamlessly with a large variety of C/C++ compilers. Interfaces to CASE and Test tools as well as Real-Time-Operating-Systems are also available.


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