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Development Boards

We have a wide range of Development Boards and kits to enable fast prototyping and micro evaluation.


We supply compilers from the following leading vendors to accompany your development tools.



  • OnChipDebug: BDM, SDI, OnCE, JTAG and NEXUS
  • OnChipTrace: ETM and Nexus
  • In-Circuit Emulation up to 100MHz real-time
  • Hardware & Software breakpoints
  • Multi processor support
  • Flash programming: OnChip and InSystem
  • USB2.0, COM and Ethernet TCP/IP (100 Mbit/s)

The iC3000 ActiveEmulatorTM is the ultimate tool for high performance microcontroller based embedded application development. It incorporates major innovation in a compact package, covering the widest variety of development environments.

There are two base platforms available today: iC3000HS and iC3000GT. Extending the trace buffer to 1GB (and more), iSYSTEM developed a new concept for uploading data from a target. Beside the amount of data that can be recorded, and the speed improvements this also enables developers and testers to do profiling and coverage over a long period of time. iC3000GT is a redesign of the current platform (iC3000HS) to implement a feature called upload while sampling. The combination of iC3000GT and iTraceGT enables users to do “endless” profiling and coverage.

Both platforms support all famous On-Chip Emulation technologies like BDM, SDI, Once, JTAG and Nexus for On-Chip Debugging. For On-Chip Trace ETM and Nexus solutions are available.

It may also be configured to support comprehensive, real-time high-speed in-circuit emulation up to 100MHz bus speed using iSYSTEM's unique ActivePOD technology.

The new "swap the card" technology preserves the investment in the iC3000 unit while providing adaptability to a wide range of target MCUs and debug methodologies.

For its power supply, the iC3000 accepts direct input of DC 24V, or AC power 90 - 240V with the supplied external auto sensing power supply. High speed communication to the host PC is essential for optimum performance. The iC3000 is equipped with a 115kbps COM and a USB2.0 interface. An Ethernet IEEE 802.3 interface (RJ45 / 100Mbps) supporting the TCP/IP protocol is also available.


iC3000 & iCARD

To maximize flexibility in communicating with the target system, the iC3000 includes a small card slot. The slot accepts iCARD, iTRACE and ActiveEmulator interface cards. For OnChip Emulation support the iCARD interfaces to all the famous On-Chip Debug interfaces like BDM, SDI, OnCE, JTAG and Nexus. iSYSTEM has developed an iCARD for each supported micro controller family. Simply “swap the card” to support a new MC family.


iC3000 & ActivePOD / ActivePRO POD: high-speed in-circuit emulation

The Active(PRO)Emulator interface card connects the iC3000 with an Active(PRO)POD for full real-time in-circuit emulation and trace. The Active(PRO)POD provides real-time high-speed in-circuit emulation up to 100MHz bus speed. The dramatic increase in embedded systems bus speeds has created new challenges for real-time emulation. iSYSTEM has met the challenge by developing its all-new ActivePOD technology, which brings much of the emulation hardware closer to the target system.

All critical functions such as overlay memory, break, trace and trigger logic reside in a single high-speed RAM-based FPGA at the ActivePOD. This "system on chip" integration assures very short timing delays for all necessary transactions. The ActivePOD is connected to an iCARD which in turn is plugged into the PCMCIA-style slot on the compact iC3000 emulator clean and simple.


iC3000 & iTRACE

The iTRACE plug-in card is universal and makes extensive OnChip Trace support available. Different active target adapters for ARM's Embedded Trace Macro cell (ETM) interface and the standardised NEXUS trace interface make the connection to the target system simple. iTRACE does include the corresponding OnChipDebug interface as well. For ease of use and durability, the slot and cards are the same size and form factor as the familiar PCMCIA technology.

Standard features include: hot-insert to the target while the target is running, on-chip programming, in-system programming, and generation of programming voltage. The prescribed programming voltage is generated by the iC3000 development system and provided to the target system through the iCARD or iTRACE active adapter.


iC3000 ActiveEmulator & winIDEA: the adaptable team

The iC3000 ActiveEmulator is a universal and adaptable emulator solution for high performance applications. By swapping the iCARD, iTRACE Probe or ActivePOD, the system is reconfigured for an alternate target microcontroller, preserving your investment in the basic iC3000 system.
Likewise, the software interface to the iC3000 is also adaptable. The winIDEA integrated development environment includes project management, integration of all popular compilers/assembers, make & build, and debugger. One easy-to-use interface for all your embedded development needs.


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