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Development Boards

We have a wide range of Development Boards and kits to enable fast prototyping and micro evaluation.


We supply compilers from the following leading vendors to accompany your development tools.

iC5000 !!! NEW !!! On-Chip Analyzer

iC5000 iC5000 is a powerful, yet affordable tool solution for embedded software debugging based on industry-standard JTAG or BDM based communication with the target application. Debug and trace is currently supported for Cortex-M3, ARM7, ARM9, XScale, Coldfire, S12(X) and S08 devices. The development system supports real-time access, program trace and data trace.



iC3000 On-Chip Debugger & In-Circuit Emulator

iC3000 iC3000 is the ultimate tool for microcontroller based embedded application development. It supports all famous On-Chip interface technologies such as BDM, SDI, ONCE, and JTAG. For On-Chip Trace ETM and Nexus solutions are available.




iC1000 In-Circuit Emulator

iC1000 iC1000 high-performance In-Circuit Emulator for 8-bit microcontrollers supporting 180+ different MCUs just by swapping the POD.





winIDEA winIDEA is the ultimate Integrated Development Environment, which contains all the necessary tools in one shell. During the complete development cycle you can stay within winIDEA. You can write your code, run the compiler, assembler and linker, debug and test your software and hardware within one tool.




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