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Complete Development Solutions for Embedded Systems

Development Boards

We have a wide range of Development Boards and kits to enable fast prototyping and micro evaluation.


We supply compilers from the following leading vendors to accompany your development tools.

Microcontroller Full List

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Unicoi Product Range

Development Tools

iC3000 On-Chip Debuggers with trace, In-Circuit Emulators and Advanced Trace Systems.

A broad range of development tools for embedded systems design and test. Currently our range of universal development tools supports more than 50 different CPU architectures, 2500+ microcontrollers and more than 150 compilers.



Embedded Software

IPv6 Ready Fusion Software solutions for embedded devices

Everything embedded developers need for building diverse intelligent devices, including a complete line of fully integrated networking protocols, voice and video (VoIP & V2IP) and small footprint security protocols. Available pre-optimised for select platforms, or as source code for porting to any platform.




Real Time Operating Systems

Sciopta System Software for Safety-Critical Embedded Applications.

SCIOPTA Systems develops systems software for safety-critical embedded applications. SCIOPTA can be used anywhere where reliable and safe embedded systems need to be developed.



Advanced Development and Test Environments

Advanced C/C++ Development and Test tools for embedded developers

Atollic® provides a C/C++ compiler and debugger development suite for ARM® microcontrollers that will help you improve your software quality. By utilizing the capabilities of TrueSTUDIO® and its add-on modules TrueVERIFIER® and TrueANALYZER®, you can eliminate many of the problems software engineers are meeting today, and focus your time and energy on what really matters - developing high quality embedded software.




Compilers Compilers and Debuggers from leading vendors such as Keil, IAR, Cosmic and Atollic.



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