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Unicoi Systems unveils InstaVoIP – Instant VoIP for any Platform

With the InstaVoIP™ family of products, you can add VoIP capabilities to virtually any device or application.  Available pre-optimized for select platforms or with full source code for porting to any platform, InstaVoIP provides a robust VoIP core with a flexible API which allows customization into nearly any end product.

The InstaVoIP Family consists of four distinct offerings:

InstaVoIP Embedded

A full ANSI C source code release allows InstaVoIP Embedded to be used on any platform. Simply porting the Fusion Common Layer (FCL) abstraction to a platform’s RTOS/OS, network stack, and file system (optional), and implementing an audio driver channel for the platform’s audio hardware is all that is necessary to start making VoIP calls. Additionally, having full source code allows customer changes to be made to the code (such as implementing newer or less popular RFCs) and aids in debugging low-level problems.  Click for more information.

InstaVoIP Mobile

An optimized library release for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Windows CE environments allows for rapid integration without dealing with any porting or audio issues. Standalone SoftPhone application examples are provided, or the libraries can be integrated into existing applications.  Coming soon…

InstaVoIP Desktop

An optimized library release for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS desktops allows for rapid integration without dealing with any porting or audio issues. Standalone SoftPhone application examples are provided, or the libraries can be integrated into existing applications.  Coming soon…

InstaVoIP Module

A hardware/software combination, the InstaVoIP Module is a standalone hardware module ready to be dropped into an existing hardware platform or used as the foundation of a new product. Based on the powerful Analog Devices Blackfin processor, InstaVoIP Module includes an Ethernet connection, 4 MB of firmware and file system storage and a 48 kHz capable stereo audio codec. The efficient Fusion RTOS, robust Fusion Network TCP/IP stack, and InstaVoIP Embedded software are pre-integrated.  Out-of-the-box the InstaVoIP module powers up and is immediately capable of creating 5-way conference calls using the G.729 codec and while doing so it still has enough free processing power to run user applications. 

The software for InstaVoIP module is available in two varieties: a combination object/source code release, or a full source code release. In the combination release, the majority of the core code is provided in object format but key sections are provided as source to allow for user expansion. The full source code release is for customers that typically need to modify the core code to implement new functionality, or for those customers who prefer to have the source for debugging purposes.



There are virtually no limits to how InstaVoIP can be used to create VoIP-capable applications. Some example applications are:


InstaVoIP can easily be made into a standalone SoftPhone application. Example projects are included in the Embedded, Desktop, and Mobile versions which provide instant functionality and are ready for customer differentiation.

Desktop Phone

InstaVoIP Embedded or Module can be used to create enterprise-ready desktop phones that interoperate with the most popular PBX solutions in the market.

Call Box

InstaVoIP’s User Interface API allows for traditional interfaces as well as highly differentiated user interfaces such as a Call Box with its simpler “press this button in case of emergency” interface. Various aspects of a call workflow can be controlled by a user or controlled by custom code which allows for the implementation of any required UI.

FXS/FXO Analog Gateway

InstaVoIP can be used to create an FXS Gateway (where analog phones plug into the device) or an FXO Gateway (where the device plugs into an existing POTS line) thanks to the FXS/FXO workflows  included in the InstaVoIP Call Manager.


Radio-over-IP is a growing market that gives traditional radios connectivity into corporate PBXs and/or traditional POTS lines. InstaVoIP Embedded or Module can be used to quickly create devices that bridge these environments for military, public emergency systems, or businesses that use radios in their daily environment.

Analog-to-Digital Transition

There are many products in the marketplace today that have analog phone interfaces and these products need to be modernized for use VoIP. With InstaVoIP you can quickly add VoIP where it can replace the existing analog interface or work alongside it to provide a smooth technology transition.

Add-On VoIP Capabilities

InstaVoIP can be embedded into an existing application to provide VoIP capabilities. Use the Desktop or Mobile versions if integrating into an application on one of the supported platforms, or use the Embedded version for any other platform.

Unicoi Product page

Reflex Technology will exhibit at the Embedded Masterclass

Reflex Technology will be exhibiting at the Embedded Masterclass event in Cambridge in June. Whether your an electronics engineer, an embedded computing engineer, a designer or a project manager, the Embedded Masterclass will give you the chance to meet with engineers from many of the world's leading vendors. The Embedded Masterclass is recognised for the quality of its presentations, which are technical in content and presented by engineers, for engineers.
Embedded Masterclass website

Serial debugging: New iCARDs for Cortex-M3, MC9S12P32, NEC78K0

iSYSTEM released three new serial debug interfaces (iCARDs) to support Cortex-M3 (including SWD trace), MC9S12P32 (New S12/S12X derivate without XGate) and NEC78K0 (not all NEC78K0 have a serial interface).
iSYSTEM Product page

Support for Freescale MPC56xx and ST SPC560xx

Both MPC56xx and SPC560xx are a result of a joint development between Freescale and ST Microelectronics. At the moment there is JTAG support only. A Nexus trace will be supported as soon as the appropriate controllers are available.
iSYSTEM Product page

iSYSTEM becomes AUTOSAR Associated Member

As an expert in emulation and debug technology for real-time embedded software development and test, iSYSTEM expands its activities in the automotive market.

"Since 1990 most of the automotive OEMs as well as Tier1 suppliers use iSYSTEM tool solutions to develop and test ECUs. AUTOSAR becomes more and more important in this market, so iSYSTEM as a tool manufacturer is committed to AUTOSAR. We are now figuring out how to implement AUTOSAR-compliant debug functionality in our products to support the AUTOSAR way of developing software for ECUs. Support for AUTOSAR OS will be standard in our tool software as we already provide it for standard OSEK. We are open to help defining standards for debugging and conformance testing as well", said Erol Simsek, Director Sales & Marketing of iSYSTEM.

The next step is to study carefully the standard to be able to define an iSYSTEM AUTOSAR related tool roadmap for debugging and test. As iSYSTEM is an expert for development technology on a microcontroller level, this will also include the support of semiconductor vendors to develop low-level drivers etc. iSYSTEM was already involved in some AUTOSAR related projects and is open to add value to the appropriate AUTOSAR working groups.
iSYSTEM Product page

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