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We have development tools for over 1200 microcontrollers covering over 40 architectures, including these families:

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News Articles

Unicoi Systems Announces InstaVoIP 516-POE Development Kit

InstaVoIPUnicoi Systems, Inc. (Unicoi), a leading provider of high quality VoIP solutions to the embedded device market, have announced the availability of their InstaVoIP 516-POE development kit. The development kit is a fully functional IP door entry device for physical access control suppliers looking to create their own customized VoIP based door entry products.

The InstaVoIP 516-POE development kit is industrial temperature rated with 4 Mbytes of flash and 16 Mbytes of SDRAM, providing plenty of room for application specific features. The InstaVoIP 516-POE development kit includes a business class full-duplex speaker phone, complete with Power over Ethernet (PoE), a 4 Ohm speaker driver, a single call button, and a door relay for controlling door latches and other devices (supporting up to 12V/24V and 2A or a 5V Relay). The enclosure for the development kit is comprised of a water resistant stainless steel faceplate with an extruded aluminum housing.

Software for the InstaVoIP 516-POE development kit supports IPv6 and is available in a combination object code and ANSI C source code release. The InstaVoIP 516-POE development kit requires no software-licensing fee.

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Unicoi Systems’ Embedded Networking Stack in Third Year of IPv6 Phase-2 Compliance

IPv6 Unicoi Systems enters its third year of IPv6 Phase-2 compliance for the Fusion Embedded TPC/IPv4/IPv6 dual mode embedded networking stack. Unicoi Systems remains on the short list of providers with more than two-years of Phase-2 compliance as it continues to support the highest level of interoperability.
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Over 1200 free example projects are now available in the Atollic TrueSTORE example projects library!

Certified The Atollic TrueSTORE now contains over 1200 free example projects that can be downloaded, installed and compiled using only one mouse-click!
Atollic TrueSTORE is a super-simple system for distribution of embedded systems example projects via the internet. With Atollic TrueSTORE, Atollic continue to lead the innovation in embedded IDE's for the benefit of embedded C/C++ developers around the world. Embedded developers can now choose from hundreds of free example projects, and download and install them into the most powerful embedded IDE on the market.
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iSYSTEM introduces testIDEA - RealTime UnitTest

testIDEA To perform Embedded Software Tests, iSYSTEM has released testIDEA. This expands iSYSTEM’s debug and trace tools for software development (iSYSTEM Blue Box hardware) allowing the execution of test cases and test vectors on real customer hardware without the code instrumentation usually employed by other tools.

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Reflex Technology provides the tools you need for embedded development. In circuit emulators, JTAG emulator, BDM emulators, advanced trace systems, ETM emulation and trace, NEXUS trace, microcontroller development tools, compiler and IDE software, embedded web software. Modules for embedded software development such as tcp/ip stacks, HTTP client and Server software, VoIP, and embedded web browsers. We also supply real time operating systems , RTOS, for embedded microcontrollers, with safety critical certification. Outstanding products from some of the world's leading embedded systems suppliers: iSYSTEM, Atollic, SCIOPTA, Unicoi, Keil, IAR, Cosmic.

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